Designing Through Research

My name is Jacob. I am a life-long artist, specializing in graphic design and illustration.

I believe being a good designer means being a good researcher, which is why I pride myself in being able to use critical analysis to inform the direction of my designs. This skill has helped me both win a Silver Student Award from the American Advertising Federation of Dallas (AAF Dallas) and recently receive work designing a book cover for a middle-grade author.

Like most artists, I mainly relax by working on more art projects! I also have an interest in survival reality shows, trading card games, and making up music videos in my head. I’m never lonely, as my two cats, Leo and Levi, make sure to keep me company by standing at my feet reminding me to feed them for the seventh time that day.

I’m always looking for the next challenge in my designing career. Big or small, bring it on!
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